Jam 19 – Jailhouse Blues by C.W Stoneking

Podcast – Skip ahead to 4:34 for the lesson (I cut most of the Rottnest “Tour” from the Podcast)

Youtube – Skip ahead to 5:50 for the lesson

This week I’m on Rottnest Island, my favourite Island in the world. I give you a 1 minute tour of the island, then show you some basic finger picking for C.W. Stoneking’s Jailhouse Blues – a simple yet beautiful song.

Little Creatures Pale Ale

This weeks drink: Little Creatures Pale Ale, from Fremantle.

As a bonus, learn to harmonise this song with your buddy here: https://soundcloud.com/cechner/sets/jailhouse-blues

Soundcloud Interview with C.W Stoneking here: https://soundcloud.com/cechner/cw-stoneking-interview

Download the Chord Chart here

Download the PDF file .

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