Warmups & Such Booklet

I’ve made this booklet “Warmups & Such” that you can print out. I think it will be really handy for warming up your fingers before a play. It includes:

  • Simple scales (pentatonic / major / minor)
  • Strumming patterns
  • Chords (Power chords / major & minor barre chords)
  • Changing keys
  • Fingerpicking patterns

I made a Youtube video (above) of how to print and make the book, then how to practice with it. Click here to download the .pdf.

Jam 27 – Catch The Wind by Donovan

Skip ahead to  2:20 for the lesson

Another one of my dad’s favourites – Catch The Wind by Donovan. There is some beautiful and subtle picking in this song.

Lesson Link with Chord Charts and Youtube:

Catch The Wind by Donovan Chord Chart for more more chords, tabs, and videos.

New Toys

Things are happening again! I have my new toy – the Zoom Q8, and I’ve already released some videos using it. I love it because you can hear the sounds of Western Australia’s nature. I can’t wait to do some recordings at the beach, maybe do some sunrise episodes. Really exciting!

I was only able to afford it because some people were really kind enough to donate, and to those few people, thank you times a million.

My next project is: A Pogues Songbook – it’s about 90% complete, includes 22 of The Pogues greatest songs, complete with tabs for the solos and melodies. I also want to do a whole Youtube section where each song has a link to a lesson.

After that, I’ve also created a Uke By The Glass Songbooklet, and I’ll be starting those classes soon. The booklet will be available for download soon. That has 17 songs, all with a difficulty rating on them, so you can start with the easiest if you’re a beginner.

Jam 26 – Little Red Riding Hood by Sam the Sham and The Pharaohs

Skip ahead to 2:06 for the lesson

This one goes out to my dad, who will be missed more than he would have ever known.

Love you dad.

Lesson Link with Chord Charts and Youtube:

Little Red Riding Hood by Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs Chord Chart for more more chords, tabs, and videos.

A Brief Interval

Things have been quite slow with the online part of Guitar By The Glass. There have been no podcasts and only few YouTube lessons in the past few months.
I’ve been saving for a new video camera and microphone that will make it a lot easier for me to record and post lessons. Even more exciting to me if they I’ll be able to record on location at the beautiful places I love to go around Western Australia.
So I’ve been saving up my pennies, and hopefully in a month I’ll have my new toys to play with.
Guitar By The Glad has been going tremendously well. The sessions at the pub have been packed every week. We have a new additional monthly session at a beautiful winery in the hills (Fairbrossen)that I’m forward to building up. And we almost have a fourth guitar song book.