A Pair Of Brown Eyes by The Pogues

Learn The Harmonies

Practice your harmonies to A Health To The Company.

Step 1. Listen to the Melody + Harmony
Step 2. Stream/Download the Harmony over and over until you can sing it
Step 3. Play the Melody and sing the Harmony over it
Step 4. Sing it with somebody else

Melody + Harmony



Warmups & Such Booklet

I’ve made this booklet “Warmups & Such” that you can print out. I think it will be really handy for warming up your fingers before a play. It includes:

  • Simple scales (pentatonic / major / minor)
  • Strumming patterns
  • Chords (Power chords / major & minor barre chords)
  • Changing keys
  • Fingerpicking patterns

I made a Youtube video (above) of how to print and make the book, then how to practice with it. Click here to download the .pdf.