Jam 15 – Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show

One of the greatest hitch-hiking songs ever written! Originally written by Bob Dylan and made big by Old Crow Medicine Show.

This episode I go over the chords, strumming, alternate chord patterns and shapes, soloing, and harmonizing!

Download the Chord Chart here


www.guitarbytheglass.com for more more chords, tabs, and videos.

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4 thoughts on “Jam 15 – Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show”

  1. Really great video man, found this on reddit and have sat transfixed for a little bit watching it. Very easy to learn from you, chord chart is really handy, and a great song – never know Bob Dylan wrote it ! Keep it up man, will definitely keep checking back on these!

  2. Why does the link to this lesson on “Wagon Wheel” connect to the chord chart for “Wonder Wall?” Love these lessons. Thank you for doing them.

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