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I believe learning guitar is most fun and effective in a relaxed group environment. I try to produce this with this podcast the best way I can.

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What happens here?

Every week, I post 2 Patreon posts. 1 with a video lesson, and 1 with about 3 chord charts. They usually focus on songs that I jam with my class each week.

I haven’t released a Podcast for a while now – I wasn’t getting a lot of response from that ,but(you can still listen to the episodes below while you’re sitting around / driving, or you can watch the Youtube video that goes along with it. I also Upload my Chord Charts for the song, which are beautifully written, easy to read, and print perfectly.

Click here to get my 50 page free chord books (there are 6!), with songs from artists like Oasis, Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash, Otis Redding. Any song that is just awesome to sing by yourself, or in a group. Also includes some easy to read theory, and charts. It prints beautifully!

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