March 2018 – Latest News

Why are things so quiet all of a sudden? A couple things have happened recently

  • I got contracted to work 6 months full time (ends in July)
  • The owners of the house I’m living in need to sell, so I’ve been house hunting, and now in the process of packing

So unfortunately, I’ve had no time at all to make new videos. I move at the end of March though, and the new place we’re moving into is quite a lot bigger than our current one, so I’ll have a dedicated studio to record in! I’m really really looking forwards to that. I’m hoping I can have a camera just set up all the time, so I don’t always need to plug it in and get it right each time I need to record.

So if you’re a Patreon, thank you for your continuing support. I am still uploading my chord charts each week, and adding them to this website, but as I said, currently my videos have slowed down, they do take me quite a long time to make. I promise I’ll be getting right back to it as soon as I have time!


Merry Christmas!

Please download and print out this Christmas Song Booklet

Download the PDF file .

Welcome to Guitar By The Glass

I believe learning guitar is most fun and effective in a relaxed group environment. I try to produce this with this podcast the best way I can.

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What happens here?

Every week, I upload a new Youtube video, and it usually focuses on a specific song that I jam with my class.

Every other week I release a Podcast (you can listen to the latest episode below) that you can listen to while you’re sitting around / driving, or you can watch the Youtube video that goes along with it. I also Upload my Chord Charts for the song, which are beautifully written, easy to read, and print perfectly.

Click here to get my 50 page free chord books (there are 3!), with songs from artists like Oasis, Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash, Otis Redding. Any song that is just awesome to sing by yourself, or in a group. Also includes some easy to read theory, and charts. It prints beautifully!

Latest Podcast

September 2017 – Latest News

Things are happening again! I have my new toy – the Zoom Q8, and I’ve already released some videos using it. I love it because you can hear the sounds of Western Australia’s nature. I can’t wait to do some recordings at the beach, maybe do some sunrise episodes. Really exciting!

I was only able to afford it because some people were really kind enough to donate, and to those few people, thank you times a million.

My next project is: A Pogues Songbook – it’s about 90% complete, includes 22 of The Pogues greatest songs, complete with tabs for the solos and melodies. I also want to do a whole Youtube section where each song has a link to a lesson.

After that, I’ve also created a Uke By The Glass Songbooklet, and I’ll be starting those classes soon. The booklet will be available for download soon. That has 17 songs, all with a difficulty rating on them, so you can start with the easiest if you’re a beginner.

June 2017 – Latest News

Things have been quite slow with the online part of Guitar By The Glass. There have been no podcasts and only few YouTube lessons in the past few months.
I’ve been saving for a new video camera and microphone that will make it a lot easier for me to record and post lessons. Even more exciting to me if they I’ll be able to record on location at the beautiful places I love to go around Western Australia.
So I’ve been saving up my pennies, and hopefully in a month I’ll have my new toys to play with.
Guitar By The Glass has been going tremendously well. The sessions at the pub have been packed every week. We have a new additional monthly session at a beautiful winery in the hills (Fairbrossen)that I’m forward to building up. And we almost have a fourth guitar song book.

April 2017 – Latest News

I’ve released GBTG Book 3. Free!
I’ve recently gotten married so I haven’t had time to do a whole lot. This will change now though! I’m off to Kyoto for a couple of weeks to work on a project, then back here for more Guitar By The Glass stuff.
My latest podcast was on Little Man, by Tom Waits. It was episode 25 I think, and it’s the first one I’ve done as a request in exchange for a bottle of wine from Germany. That just has a nice feeling about it.
I think people are noticing how effective the ‘whole song approach’ is to learning the guitar. I’m putting together a Uke By The Glass songbook over the next couple of weeks that will also be free, I just need to know what songs you kids are playing these days to include them. You can email me suggestions if you like.

October 2016 – Latest News

I’ve been holidaying a lot so things have been pretty quiet. At the moment I’m saving up for a new video camera that will make it a lot easier to record and upload content. My current process is quite labourous – I record sound and video separate, then I have to sync it up, and it records in a strange format. Not for long!

I’m looking through my comments and doing some requests – I’m working on 2 How To projects right now. “Did She Scare All Of Your Friends Away” by Gareth Liddiard (quite a huge undertaking) and “Lighthouse Man” by The Waifs – not quite as large a project, as I already know how to play that. Part 1 has already been posted.

I love coments and requests, so if you have any, please don’t hesistate.

June 2016 – Latest News

I’ve done a bunch of work to my website. I have so many plans, so many ideas for content. There are not enough hours.
My latest goal is to release a Youtube video every week, whether it’s a part of a podcast, or a How-To, or a Strumming video.
New content posted weekly – check it out!

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